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BKC Bulk SMS Services: is commited to providing you with the cheapest bulk sms price in Ghana. The most relaible in the nation.

In addition we run your Bulk SMS errands on your behalf.

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We Provide Web Based Bulk SMS Service:

Our Bulk SMS service is just right for individuals and businesses. Your friends or Customers could receive predefined messages and alerts of prime importance. This reduces direct communication cost and cost on people calling through phones.

You can send bulk customized messages to your clients for your business. For schools, annoucements to parents, events updates, etc. Churches can also use this to send inspiraional messages, annoucements, events for special programs, etc.

This save chunk of time, energy and money. Above all it's cheap. Compare out prices.

 We do provide all these  services for you while you  relax and attend to other  duties for a little fee in  additon to the SMS price.  

Sending wedding or party invitations, etc on your behalf.

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